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Children’s Books:

    This delightful children’s book is based on a true story about a Golden labrador Retriever named, Duke.  Dog_BookCoverImageThe book educates, as well as entertains children about how a puppy may feel when it gets shuffeled from one living situation to another, as well as blamed for something all dogs do.

If your child struggles with piano practice – or practice sessions of any instrument for that matter – then you will find this book well worth the small investment you’re making today.   Piano_BookCoverImageYou will be inspired with new ideas on how to reinvent music practice for your child. Your child will eagerly look forward to its piano practice sessions as you employ the techniques suggested in this short, to the point manual. Go ahead and click the “Add to Cart” button and start your child on the road to learning both music and good study skill practices.



Of Interest to Adults

    Teen_BookCoverImage MY TEEN IS OUT OF CONTROL: This guide is intended to give parents practical steps to take that will help bring order back into their home if their teenager has started to exhibit excessive behaviors that are not characteristic of their teen’s personality.


IDEAS for PARENTS of DIFFICULT or OUT of CONTROL TEENAGERS Parents will find this book to be a compilation of two totally separate books that have a wealth of parenting tips embedded in each of them. The first book is entitled, Ideas_BookCoverImage My Teen is Out of Control, and deals with some of the more defiant behaviors teens may exhibit. The second book included is entitled,  Secrets to Parenting a Difficult Teenager. This short book suggests ways parents can deal with an otherwise healthy teenager who is simply misbehaving for attention.  Together these guides cut to the chase and get down to the business of resolving the problems faced by parents of teenagers who are either problematic, or possibly on their way to becoming problematic. This read is for serious individuals only.


SUCKING MUD: Low enough to be sucking mud is exactly how low author, Barbara Eustice Cooper reports she felt as an out of control alcoholic. She describes the roller coaster lifestyle that alcohol brought to her and her children. Sucking_Mud_BookCoverImage In her book, Sucking Mud Barbara cites the despair that came with the repetitious cycle of meeting one alcoholic prince charming after another, falling in love, getting married and shortly thereafter getting divorced. 

Nonetheless, according to the author, there is a bright side to her story, and that is her 30 plus years of sobriety. Barbara Cooper wants to share her success story with the world in hopes that possibly at least one alcoholic or addiction burdened individual will read her story, be able to relate and be rescued. If that happens, Barbara states “it will have been worth the gut wrenching pain” of having revisited a past life she would, by far, rather have forgotten.


CREATION SCIENCE: There is not, nor will there ever be “scientific proof” that evolution is a fact. Evolution is a world view. Creation_BookCoverImage It is a religion all its own. It uses and misuses terminology such as “natural selection” to gain an audience. To gain funding. Think about it, to make a “selection” requires intelligence.     Evolution teaches “possibilities” that are mathematically impossible. It teaches children to believe in the Ortt cloud and Dark Matter – neither of which has ever been observed.  If you want to teach sound creation truth, then using this step by step, Bible based teaching tool (specifically designed for teaching Creation Science in the sunday school or children’s church setting), will show you how.     Using these easy to follow lesson plans you will enable your students to defend creation, and skillfully challenge evolution “bullies” anytime, anywhere.


Speaking of Gold –

Open Gold Claims:  If you have ever wanted your own gold claim, then check this out. Mining Guide This is an excellent step by step guide complete with check list explaining how to find, stake and file your own gold claim.


Run for Your Life: This survival guide is a huge compilation of both public and private publications.  Run_For_Your_Life_Su_Cover_for_Kindle (1)You will have at your finger tips the knowledge you need to survive in a hostile environment including, step by step directions for building shelters of various sizes, how to make tools from sticks and stones, how to trap, catch, butcher and preserve wild game, how to predict weather as well as tips for deciding whether (and how) you should move from one location to another. This guide is unique in that it covers survival situations where there may be little or no apparent resources available to you. Please click on the BUY NOW button below to purchase this guide.